Dear Enthusiast,

Welcome to the TST ACADEMY, my name is Ify Obidi and I am going to be your Technology Consultant during your time with us.

Our mission for Tech Experience Drill Academy(TEDA), is to equip you with tech skills that will provide solutions to the ongoing challenges in your business and profession, making you one step ahead and compete favourably in your chosen field.

You can rely on our 100% commitment and we can rely on your 100% commitment for your desired result. To get the best out of this awesome experience, we will demand an entry requirement, which is COMMITMENT. This is because we are result-oriented and your tech mastery is our one desire.


The Tech Experience Drill Academy is a one-on-one technology consultation to train and equip you with tech skills and support that will enable you achieve tech-savviness. It is worthy to note that it takes 6-12 months to gain expertise in the technological space, with consistency and determination. Tech-skill proficiency is a long-term journey.

This service includes:

1. A 2-hour virtual consultation once a week (Day and time will be fixed to favour both parties).

2. Email access to me for 30 days 50% discount fee for online course (for those that prefer a combination of follow-up online courses and personal coaching)

Your investment is N50,000 for the one month program.




1. There is no Refund.

2. Clients who make a deposit prior to commencement of program must complete the payment before due date else all investment will be lost. Any other payments should be made as at when due.

3. All assignments need to be submitted in time, all agreed tasks need to be done in time too, failure to meet deadline will result in paying a fine of #10,000. Failure to meet up with payment or new deadline for submission will result in suspension of the program.

4. Clients who are not putting in the minimum efforts required will receive 3 warnings before they are expelled from the program.

5. We will always begin and end our sessions or calls on time, and if we are meeting by phone, I’ll call you.

6. If you need to reschedule, 24-hours advance notice is required or one-half of the coaching session is lost.

7. If for some reason our coaches need to reschedule and do not do so within 24-hours’ notice, you will be credited with an additional one-half coaching session, at no additional charge.

8. Clients are required to provide feedback and testimonial for the program either in written, audio or video form or the combination.




1. All discussions between client and assigned coach will remain confidential.

2. All correspondence will remain highly confidential.

3. All materials and resources shared will remain strictly between the clients and assigned coach.

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Tech-Savvy Teacher Academy is an online platform where teachers and professionals learn different skills and tools that make them become tech-savvy and boost their productivity in their career or workplace.

Tech Experience Drill

The Tech Experience Drill is a one-on-one technology consultation to train and equip you with tech skills and support that will enable you achieve tech-savviness.

Ify Obidi

I help professionals and entrepreneurs within and outside the educational sector, strategically create and push out e-learning content to earn more income and achieve greater results.

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